Morning Sickness

How to avoid morning sickness

Most people would love to get the answer on the question “How to avoid morning sickness” when pregnant. The answer is, nobody really can. There are certain biological factors involved which triggers morning sickness, which by the way, can come any time of the day, not just in the mornings.

There are some tips on how to get past the morning sickness that I can share with you. Some of it may work, some may not. You need to remember that your body is biologically wired a certain way. Somebody else has a different type of body and will be wired a different way.

Some ladies will have morning sickness for the entire pregnancy while others have it only for a couple of weeks or not at all. But here are some tips.

When I was pregnant, I found that every time I ate foods rich in iron, I would get severe morning sickness. I started cutting out iron, and I got better. I avoided food with spinache and high iron content. But that said, I kept on using my prenatal vitamins which is essential for the growing baby and mommy.

Another thing I did was live on Coke and Maria cookies. It helped me get through the worst morning sickness period while being pregnant.

If these tips don’t work, the last option I can share with you is to purchase some morning sickness products to try and avoid the morning sickness. For some ladies this works.

Above all, the top way to avoid morning sickness is to have a good healthy lifestyle and sleep a lot. Pregnant mommies need all the sleep they can get. I hope this helps.

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