What can I drink on the Keto diet

The Keto diet is all about keeping hydrated. Because of the lack of minerals in your body when you are on Keto, you need to keep drinking. And no, it’s not just all about drinking water. Yes, drinking water plays a big part in the Keto diet, but drinking water is boring for some, and does not take away the thirst for others. So the question remains, what can I drink on the Keto diet.

There are many drinks that can be taken on a keto diet. One of my favorites is Coke Zero. Another is Sprite Zero. Yes, this is pop, but it has zero carbs. I have to add that it contains Asparatime as a sweetner, so you may not be too happy about having this as a drink on the keto diet.

Other options include diet sodas and tonic water. These are great as they do not contain caffeine. Best not to have too much caffeine when on the Keto diet. Drinks like diet sodas and tonic water usually contain little to no carbs. One does have to read labels though.

For lazy people like myself, another delightful option of what to drink while you do the keto diet is herbal tea. Herbal tea is much better than normal tea when you are trying to deal with the lack of sugar and milk if you are like me. Black coffee is also an acceptable drink on the Keto diet, although do not drink too much black coffee as it contains caffeine.

When you are on the keto diet and you want a hot drink on a cold night, there are options for hot chocolate, late’s and other warmer drinks. Those are found mostly in Keto recipe books. Most of these contain almond or coconut milk and heavy whipping cream.

One of my favorite drinks on the Keto diet is a smoothy. I use this for breakfast in the morning. It contains fruit and is filling enough to last me until lunch or snack time. Not only is it filling, but it is super healthy.

There are also plenty of commercial Keto drinks available from Amazon and other health related stores. These are usually instant powder drinks and especially designed to put you into Ketosis. I prefer the natural drinking options discussed above though.

So you see, there are many options of what you can drink on the Keto diet. With a little bit of time and research, you could find the perfect combination of drinks to get you through your Keto dieting days.

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