Successful Keto weight loss strategy

Having a successful Keto weight loss strategy is not easy. First of all, you need to understand how the Keto diet works. Many people have tried Keto and have failed. It has not worked for them. This is largely due to the fact that they don’t understand how Keto works in combination with their body type. To have a successful Keto weight loss strategy, you need to be able to understand both your body type and the Keto diet.

Any successful Keto diet starts with carb and calorie counting. Yes, both. You have to count your carb intake as well as your calories that you consume on a daily basis. Most diet websites will inform you that you need to consume a daily carb intake of 25g but at the same time, eat as much as you want. I have found this untrue for myself. Being an endomorph body type, I really struggle with weight loss. Through trial and error, I discovered that I needed to count my daily calories and my daily carbs. The carb amount I need to take in per day is less than 20g carbs, which does not make it easy to eat. Choices are limited.

There are several apps that can help you build your Keto weight loss strategy. These apps allow you to enter your weight, height and assists you to work out how much you need to consume on a daily basis so that you lose weight. Be mindful of the calories. The apps can assist with that too. I have found “Weight Diary” and “Carb Manager” particularly useful in my weight loss strategy with Keto. Carb Manager also helps with carbs by entering your foods that you consume.

It is a lot of hard work and takes time to research recipes and food types so that you can build a successful weight loss strategy on Keto. The app will assist you to make the right decisions regarding amounts and quality of food that you take into your body.

Understanding your body type and how Keto works with your body can can be trial and error. Starting with a net carbg of 25g carbs per day is a good place to start. By trial and error you can then work out what you can eat on a daily basis and build a successful Keto weight loss strategy for your body type.

Another key factor in a successful Keto weight loss strategy is food that is tasty. Having bland food, or the same piece of chicken every night will quickly discourage you and make you abandon your weight loss goals. But tasty meals will keep you going. This also takes time and research. There are several excellent Keto Recipe books online that you can order.

The keys to a successful Keto weight loss strategy is definitely knowing your own body type, how many carbs you can consume on a daily basis and having some good food recipes to go along with your keto endeavor. Always remember to get medical advice before starting your keto diet, just in case your body cannot handle Keto well.

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