Natural remedies for constipation in kids

Constipation in kids is not uncommon. In fact, many children struggle with constipation and have parents run to the doctor for help. But before running to the doctor, how about trying some natural remedies for constipation in kids?

Firstly, before you even start thinking about natural remedies for constipation in kids, you have to know what the signs are that your kid is constipated. There are several tell tell signs:

  • Lack of appetite – It may appear that your kid has a lack of appetite, on a hunger strike or just does not want to eat. This is because being constipated makes him or her feel bloated, full and uncomfortable
  • Stomach ache – yes, constipation can cause stomach ache. If your child is constantly complaining about stomach ache, you may want to check out when last he used the wash room to make a stool. It could just be that there is a constipation issue going on.
  • There will be crying as your kid is trying to pass a stool. This is often the result of small tears or something else.
  • The stool can be burny which means the child will not want to pass the stool.

If your kid is suffering from these symptoms, it is very possible that your child is suffering from constipation. This is unhealthy and can end him or her up in hospital if it’s not dealt with.

Natural remedies for constipation in kids includes the following:

  • Water – Drink a lot more water. The water is said to loosen the stools and help with digestion. It will help with softening the stool and thereby passing the stool easier.
  • Exercise – Exercise is said to be very important in fighting constipation. Our bodies were designed to move around, not sit still all the time. Doing some exercise will help in stimulating contractions and bowel movements.
  • Fiber – Increase fiber in the diet. Fiber helps with the digestive system both in kids and adults. Having a healthy amount of fiber in the diet will help with digestion and constipation
  • Less dairy – decrease the dairy as dairy is said to be a known cause of constipation, bloating and gas. While kids need dairy, when there is constipation, it can help to decrease dairy until the constipation has been resolved.
  • Prune Juice or eating prunes – One of the favorite and most go to remedies for constipation in kids. They may not like prunes but it certainly does the job.
  • Watermelon – Watermelon can also help some children to pass the stool when there has been constipation.
  • A laxative – There are over the counter laxatives that can be used for remedies of constipation in kids. Some of these are oral and some of these are suppositories. Which ever one you choose, make sure that your pharmacist knows that it is for a kid that it will be used.
  • Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly – Rubbing a bit of Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly on the anus may help the stool to pass easier. This is a go to when there is a struggle to pass what needs to come out!

Whatever you do, and whatever natural remedies for constipation in kids you try, it is always advisable to see a doctor if the issue does not resolve itself. There could be a greater problem than just constipation.

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