Keeping beds dry during potty training

Keeping beds dry during potty training is every parent’s challenge. You do not want to have to change bedding in the middle of the night because your little angel wet the bed. Below, I have listed some ideas to help keep beds dry during this phase of life, or at least, ensuring the least amount of maintenance.

The first thing you need to remember when you want to keep the bed dry during potty training is that you can actually let the kid wear a diaper at night and still take them to potty. This is totally doable and many parents go this route. But sometimes, if you have a heavy wetter, the beds can get wet, even with diapers on. At that point, it’s a mess of wet sheets, stinky kids and wet mattresses and is no fun. Especially when it’s in the middle of the night.

The first thing I would do is get a vinyl mattress protector. This is a plastic like sheet that goes over the mattress. This can be used right up to adulthood actually and every mattress should have one. Even mom and dad’s bed, just in case your little angel decides to join you in the bed and have an accident.

After that, you can put a mattress protector on the bed. This will at least keep mattresses dry during potty training, even if the sheets get wet. But there are ways to keep the sheets dry too. Keep reading to find out how.

After putting on the sheet (over the vinyl mattress cover and the other mattress cover), you can get something called an incontinence pad, or a waterproof underpad. This helps the sheets and bed to stay dry. If there is an accident, the only thing that needs to be removed from the bed is the underpad. The rest of the bed would have stayed dry, and potty training can continue.

There are other ways to keep the bed dry during potty training, but these are the cheapest methods. One can also invest in a bed wetting alarm which wakes your child up in time to go to the washroom. All these things will help to keep beds dry during the potty training season.

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