Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers in Canada

Modern cloth diapers is a fantastic solution to the cost and environmentally damaging disposable diapers that babies wear these days. The modern cloth diapers are super cute and easy to wash and maintain. Not to mention the heap of money it will save you in the long run.

Modern cloth diapers come in a ready fold form that matches the disposable diapers. They have cute patterns and pretty colors and can be washed and reused in the washing machine. Modern cloth diapers are available in Canada through Amazon and other sellers.

The advantages of modern cloth diapers is less diaper rash, less long term costs, easy washing and drying, healthier for baby, all natural, cute, less poop explosions out the diaper and onto the back and a one day a week washing day.

The disadvantages of modern cloth aren’t much. Lots of washing, poop diapers have to be washed by hand before putting it into the machine and eventually won’t work anymore if you have a bigger kid who still wets his or her bed.

Modern cloth diapers are so much better to use and so much easier to obtain in Canada than in the past. It is no longer the diapers that have to be folded.

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