Baby Swaddle Blanket

Baby Swaddle Blankets

Baby swaddle blankets are baby blankets that you cannot do without. A baby needs to be swaddled if it’s going to feel happy. The reason for this is that the baby spent nine months inside the tummy of the mommy and now suddenly have a lot more space around them. They are no longer cramped.

The problem is that the baby is not used to this. That is why swaddling a baby in a blanket is so important. To give the baby a sense of normality (as far as you can) and to get the baby back to the feeling of being in the womb. This only applies to tiny babies.

To obtain baby swaddle blankets is not a hard thing. Walmart Canada as well as Amazon Canada sells baby swaddle blankets. There are many to choose from. There are read folded ones that you don’t need to fold, ones that you fold around the baby and different fabric ones. There are baby swaddle blankets for strollers, especially handy in the cold weather of Canada, and then there are muslin and flannel baby swaddling blankets.

Muslin baby swaddle blankets are made of lightweight material, but isn’t as soft as flannel. Flannel on the other hand is the soft type of fabric, almost like your pj’s. I have always preferred baby swaddle blankets in flanel as they are nice and soft.

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