Baby Bum Cream

Baby Bum Cream in Canada

There are many options available when it comes to looking for baby bum cream. Canada has specific bum creams that are available here but nowhere else.

When it comes to choosing baby bum cream, it really depends on what type of diapers you are going to be using. Are you going to go for disposable diapers? Are you going to use modern cloth diapers? The type of diaper determines the type of baby bum cream that you should get.

Then there is also the type of skin sensitivity to work in. Some babies are much more prone to diaper rash than other babies. Choosing a baby bum cream can take time and be trial and error until you find the right one.

For disposable diapers, Sudo cream and other cream based baby bum cream are always good options. But when it comes to modern cloth diapers, these diapers cannot handle the baby bum cream and it affects the amount of water that the diaper can hold. For these types of diapers, it’s best to use a non cream based baby bum cream.

Non cream based baby bum creams are mostly coconut oil based products. You can use pure natural coconut oil that you mix into a paste with corn starch, or you can just spray coconut oil on during the hot weather. This works well to remove diaper rash too. It is also said to be a lot healthier to use coconut oil as a baby bum cream.

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